Get Healthy Bones with a Myers' Cocktail at Infusion Express

At Infusion Express, we can help make your bones strong with a Myers’ Cocktail.

Last month we profiled B-vitamins, one of the ingredients in our Myers’ Cocktail.  This month, we’re going to tell you all about calcium.

Calcium — The Glue of Good Health

You probably know that calcium promotes health bones, but you may have wondered what exactly that means.  Calcium acts as glue for bone cells, essentially working to hold them together and make them sturdy.  The more calcium you got during childhood, the stronger your bones are now.

Why You Need Calcium Now

Calcium isn’t just important when you’re a kid, though.  You can continue building bone strength and — just as important — prevent osteoporosis in later years.  There are other times in your life when you might need even more calcium than usual, like during pregnancy and while breastfeeding or while recovering from injuries.

What a Myers’ Cocktail Can Do For You

Making efforts to improve your bone strength in your 20s and 30s is your best bet to preventing problems in your 50s.  But what if you’re already there?  What can you do?  How about a Myers’ Cocktail?

One of the reasons bone strength decreases in your 50s is that the intestines absorb less calcium, which makes the intravenous calcium in a Myers’ Cocktail an excellent way to get calcium directly where it needs to go.

The Other Benefits of Calcium

If bone health were all that calcium did for you, that would be enough!  But calcium also helps with muscle and nerve function as well as healthy tooth enamel.  Making sure you’re getting enough will help keep you in optimal shape, and a Myers’ Cocktail is one way to do that.

Get Your Myers’ Cocktail at Infusion Express

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