Vitamin B Complex @ Infusion ExpressIf your 4th of July celebration has left you feeling less than your best, you may be thinking about trying a Myers’ Cocktail.  One of the main ingredients that helps you feel better is Vitamin B Complex.  Read on to find out more about the Vitamin B family and why your body needs it.

Vitamin B Complex — Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Mind & Body

B vitamins are essential for your body to grow new cells, and they have a starring role in regulating the chemical reactions in your body.  Each B vitamin has a slightly different purpose.

Vitamin B1 & B2

a.k.a thiamin and riboflavin

These two vitamins help the body make energy and help enzymes that work on the muscles, nerves and heart.

Vitamin B3

a.k.a niacin

This one helps produce energy for your body’s cells and also helps keep your skin, nervous system and digestive system healthy.

Vitamin B5

a.k.a pantothenic acid

This B vitamin is important for normal growth and development.

Vitamin B7

a.k.a pyridoxine

B7 helps your body break down protein while also keeping your red blood cells, nervous and immune systems healthy and high-funtioning.

Vitamin B9

a.k.a folic acid or folate

You hear about this one all the time in relation to pregnancy, but it’s important for non-pregnant women, too, as well as men.  It helps the body make and maintain DNA and helps make red blood cells.

Vitamin B12

a.k.a cobalamin

Lastly, B12 helps produce blood cells, helps your nervous system function properly, and helps your body effectively use folic acid and carbohydrates.

Get Your Vitamin B Fix at Infusion Express

Without the Vitamin B family working for your body — or with too little of it — you’re at risk for a variety of problems, from simple fatigue and muscle cramps to serious conditions like anemia, depression, and nerve problems.  Luckily, Infusion Express can help.

We offer IV infusion therapy services for both health conditions and wellness in a setting that makes receiving IV therapy pleasant.  Relax in a private room and enjoy our HDTVs, eReaders and iPads.  And because we offer scheduled appointments — including evenings and weekends — you won’t spend your valuable time waiting for treatment.  If you’re ready to experience a different kind of IV therapy, give us a call at 816-272-0174, or visit us on facebook or twitter!