IV Therapy at Infusion Express

Learn about the advantages of IV therapy at Infusion Express over conventional therapy.

If you’re looking to increase your health quickly and effectively, intravenous therapy offers certain advantages over conventional therapies.  Read on to find out why.

IV Therapy Works Fast

Whether you’re looking for a quick immune system boost or for relief from chronic diseases, there’s no waiting for medications, fluids and nutrients to filter through your digestive system.  IV treatments go directly where they’re needed — into the blood — where your body can deliver them quickly where they need to go.

IV Therapy is Easy to Monitor

In individuals suffering from both chronic conditions and depressed immune systems, the functionality of your gastrointestinal system is often impaired.  This creates an unfortunate cycle where your body needs nutrients to repair itself but has trouble absorbing them via oral medications.  IV therapy is the solution — it bypasses the GI system entirely, so you know exactly what your body is getting because there’s no loss due to malabsorption.

IV Therapy Avoids Negative Side Effects

The medications needed to treat chronic conditions and nutrient deficiencies can wreak havoc on an already compromised gastrointestinal system.  IV therapy allows a higher concentration of nutrients or medication into the body — and that means your body gets what it needs faster and more effectively without further damage to your GI system.

IV Therapy at Infusion Express

We offer IV infusion therapy services for both health conditions and wellness in a setting that makes receiving IV therapy pleasant.  Relax in a private room and enjoy our HDTVs, eReaders and iPads.  And because we offer scheduled appointments — including evenings and weekends — you won’t spend your valuable time waiting for treatment.  If you’re ready to experience a different kind of IV therapy, give us a call at 816-272-0174, or visit us on facebook or twitter!