You doctor suggested infusion therapy and sent you to the hospital.

No questions asked, right?

Such is the pattern of healthcare.



But there is a better way…

With pending changes and escalating costs, consumers are starting to ask more questions.

Demand more options.

And even price shop when it comes to health care.

IV therapy included.


Imagine … no waiting.

No parking garages.

No elevators.

Sit in a leather recliner and get served free drinks.

Sign up for a massage, yoga class or nutriton counseling.

Play on an iPad, watch TV or read a Kindle while your infusion is going on.

Once you’re done, a nurse immediately unhooks you and you’re on your way.

No waiting around, no lost time.



That’s Infusion Express.

Oh – and did we mention you can schedule an infusion for evenings or Saturdays?

Yeah, we know it’s convenient.

We designed it just for you.

We thought you had enough to deal with.

We make getting the infusion part easy.



Infusion Express

Stop waiting around to get healthy.

Come in and give our clinic a try.

Call (816) 272-0174 or visit to request an appointment today.