At Infusion Express, we offer IV therapy to patients who’ve undergone surgery. Whether surgery is recommended as part of chronic disease management, or for a certain condition, we wanted to offer some advice.

After all – not everyone is comfortable with surgery.

The more you can do ahead of time to prepare, the better your recovery will go.  Here are some tips.

Exercise the Right Way Before Surgery

exercise-to-prepare-for-surgeryIt may seem counterintuitive, but exercise before surgery can make a big impact for a quick recovery. Obviously, the type of injury or surgery you need will affect the kinds of exercise you can do.

But if you can spend the six to twelve weeks before your surgery increasing your fitness, you decrease the odds of needing in-patient rehab by 73 percent.  The idea is to keep your muscles from deteriorating prior to surgery so you can bounce back more quickly.

Improve Your Diet Before Surgery

Going into surgery is a great time to look at your diet.  Putting better stuff into your body means it can work better — and that means you heal faster.  Eliminate processed foods, and add more protein and fiber.  If you’ve been looking for a reason to quit smoking, preparing for surgery is an excellent reason.

Consider eliminating alcohol to make sure your liver is properly prepared to deal with the drugs used for general anesthesia.  Additionally, eat plenty of fresh or lightly steamed fruits and vegetables like grapefruit, lemon, carrots, apricots and watermelon.

You can also eat pineapple and other bromelain-containing fruits and vegetables to reduce inflammation and post-surgery bruising.  Ask your doctor for specific recommendations.

Take Care of the Logistics Before Surgery

Lastly, before your surgery, make sure you have all your logistical ducks in a row.  Arrange for friends or family to help afterwards.  Grab that novel you’ve been meaning to read or rent those DVDs you’ve been wanting to watch.  Prepare meals ahead of time, or ensure your family or friends can bring you meals while you’re recovering.

If there’s anything you need to do to make navigating your home easier, before surgery is the time to do it.  If you typically sleep upstairs, you may want to set up a bed downstairs for a few days.  If you need to add safety mechanisms to your bathroom, do it before your surgery.

Make sure wherever you’ll be spending your recovery has everything you’ll need within reach, including phone and charger, computer if you need it, TV, clock, and anything else that will make you more comfortable.

Recover from Surgery and Call us for IV Therapy

With proper preparation, your recovery from surgery can be much easier and faster.  In the event you need IV therapy following your surgery, please give us a call at call at 816-272-0174, or visit us on facebook or twitter!